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Farnley Kernel

Brookside Daylia

Glannant Country Roads

Liseter Flirtation

Rowfantina Old Fashioned

Rowfantina Grenadier

Dandardel Cimmarron Beauty

Dandardel Stop N' Stare

Dandardel Maybasket

Dandardel's Wildfire

Menai My Desire

Dandardel Tulsa Time

Rowfantina Jackpot

Penrhyn Puccini

Dandardel Miss Tulsa

Dandardel Lustre Sunglass

Dandardel Luke

Dandardel Misty

Dandardel Sea Queen

Dandardel Raquel

Liseter Romantic

Dandardel Raindance

Dandardel Wendi

Dandardel Alis

Dandardel Show Girl

Farnley Magic Spell

Dandardel's Prairie Rose

Knightwynd's Guinevere

Dandardel Kay

Snow Pony Sparkles

Dandardel Sherri

Dandardel Dreams of Glory

Dandardel Vana

Dandardel Vee Tango LOM

Lianna's Opal

Dandardel Julie

Holt's Dancing Betsy

Lianna's Golden Girl

Dandardel Fayvor

Phantom Paula

Lianna L S NickiLianna LS Nicki

Lianna's Dixie

Lianna's Taffy

*Crumpwell Felita

Heavenly Esther

"Below only noted ( ) pages have pictures"


Idylwind Tegan**SOLD 2021**

Heavenly Eternal Treasure **SOLD 2021**

Heavenly Miriam **SOLD 2021**

Heavenly Gift of Myrrh**SOLD 2021**

Irish Independence**SOLD 2021**

Heavenly The True Way**SOLD 2021**

Heavenly Ko Makana**SOLD 2021**

Heavenly The Duchess Aria**SOLD 2021**

Heavenly Ariel**SOLD 2021**

Heavenly Love Story**SOLD 2020**

Heavenly Riviera**SOLD 2020**

Heavenly Hollyday Surprise**SOLD 2020**

Heavenly Jubilant Joel**SOLD 2020**

Heavenly Jacob's Ladder**SOLD 2020**

Heavenly Chances Tebet **SOLD 2020**

Heavenly Levi **SOLD 2019**

Heavenly Priscilla**SOLD 2019**

Heavenly Deo Volente**SOLD 2019**

Heavenly Atarah**SOLD 2019**

Heavenly Alleluia **SOLD 2019**

Heavenly Brock of Ages **SOLD 2018**

Heavenly Saint Sabina**SOLD 2018**

Heavenly The Duchess Aria **SOLD 2018**

Heavenly the Prophetess Anna **SOLD 2017**

Heavenly East of Eden **SOLD 2017**

Heavenly Prince del Cortijo**SOLD 2017**

Heavenly Saint Gemma**SOLD 2017**

Heavenly Starfire Genesis**SOLD 2017**

Heavenly Joshing Me**SOLD 2016**

Heavenly Magistrate Samson**SOLD 2016**

Mischief Acres Sun Up Sam**SOLD 2016**

Heavenly Delight in Me**SOLD 2016**

Heavenly Rising Son**SOLD 2015**

Heavenly The Maker's Mark**SOLD 2015**

Ffyddlon First Edition**SOLD 2015**

camera picHeavenly Hannah**SOLD 2015**

Heavenly Coronation of Tobias **SOLD 2015**

Heavenly Silver Crown**SOLD 2014**

Heavenly Dian**SOLD 2014**

Heavenly Duke Dynasty**SOLD 2014**

Heavenly Thee Princess Reya**SOLD 2014**

Heavenly Imperial Rapture**SOLD 2013**

Heavenly Tyrus of Gold**SOLD 2013**

Heavenly Primo Mirari**SOLD 2013**

Heavenly Crowning Glory**SOLD 2013**

Heavenly Crown of OlivetName of a pony**SOLD 2013**

Lianna's Hy Candus**SOLD 2013**

Heavenly Anno Domini**SOLD 2012**

Heavenly Divinity Crown**SOLD 2012**

Heavenly Resurrection Day**SOLD 2012**

Heavenly Aaron**SOLD 2012**

Heavenly Silver Cassia**SOLD 2011**

Heavenly Rite of Rezon**SOLD 2011**

Heavenly Luke Twenty-Four**SOLD 2011**

Heavenly Exquisite Eli**SOLD 2011**

Heavenly King David**SOLD 2011**

Heavenly Silver Corban**SOLD 2011**

Heavenly Choose Eternity**SOLD 2011**

Heavenly Isabel**SOLD 2011**

Heavenly Dreams and Wishes**SOLD 2010**

Heavenly Hosanna**SOLD 2010**

Heavenly The Prophetess Anna**SOLD 2010**

Heavenly Mary Magdalene**SOLD 2010**

Heavenly Silver Valor**SOLD 2010**

Heavenly Road To Emmaus**SOLD 2010**

Heavenly The Corinthian**SOLD 2010**

Heavenly Ruth**SOLD 2010**

Dandardel Song of Het **SOLD 2010**

Heavenly Christabel**SOLD 2010**

Heavenly Final Revelation**SOLD 2010**

Unnamed Foal***SOLD 2009***

Dandardel Set the Fire***SOLD 2009***

Dandardel Light the Night***SOLD 2009***

Dandardel Maxwell***SOLD 2009***

Dandardel Diva***SOLD 2009***

Sovereign's Ebony Rose***SOLD 2009***

Heavenly Perennial Reuel***SOLD 2009***

Heavenly Book of Daniel***SOLD 2009***

Heavenly Paul From Tarsus***SOLD 2009***

Dandardel Winter's End***SOLD 2009***

Dandardel Abraham***SOLD 2009***

Heavenly Stellar Dathan***SOLD 2009***

Heavenly Simon***SOLD 2009***

Heavenly Octavia***SOLD 2009***

Heavenly Motif of Silas***SOLD 2009***

 Heavenly Tamar***SOLD 2008***

Heavenly Pontius Pilate ***SOLD 2008***

Heavenly Prelude of Joel ***SOLD 2008***

Heavenly Prince Philip***SOLD 2008***

Dandardel Sarah***SOLD 2008***

Dandardel Ethan***SOLD 2008***

Dandardel Bernie***SOLD 2008***

Dandardel Episode***SOLD 2008***

Heavenly Deacon ***SOLD 2008***

Heavenly Abner ***SOLD 2007***

Heavenly Final Revelation ***SOLD 2007***

Heavenly Mary Magdalene***SOLD 2007***

Heavenly The Magi ***SOLD 2007***

Heavenly Silver Crown ***SOLD 2007***

Heavenly Bethany ***SOLD 2007***

Heavenly Primo Mirari ***SOLD 2007***

Heavenly Isabel ***SOLD 2007***

Lianna LS Crystal ***SOLD 2007***

Dandardel Jazz Note***SOLD 2007***

Snow Pony Taurus ***SOLD 2007***

Heavenly Lazarus***SOLD 2007***

 Lianna's Saqqarah***SOLD 2007***

Dandardel LuAnn***SOLD 2006***

Dandardel Vince ***SOLD 2007***

Heavenly Silver Mina ***SOLD 2007***

Dandardel Blake ***SOLD 2006***

Heavenly Matthew Twenty-Eight***SOLD 2007***

Heavenly Chloe***SOLD 2007***

Heavenly Victory***SOLD 2007***

 Heavenly Silver Trinity***SOLD 2007***

Unnamed Foal - ***SOLD 2006***

Heavenly Ethan -***SOLD 2006***

Heavenly Naomi -***SOLD 2006***

Heavenly Ballad of Zoe -***SOLD 2006***

Heavenly Perennial Reuel -***SOLD 2006***

Heavenly Silver Lot -***SOLD 2006***

Unnamed Foal - ***SOLD 2006***

Heavenly Spirit in the Sky -***SOLD 2006***

Bur-Dals Just So***SOLD 2006***

Heavenly Truly Abel ***SOLD 2006***

Heavenly Deborah***SOLD 2006***

Heavenly King Hezekiah***SOLD 2006***

Lianna Little Treasure ***SOLD 2006***

Dandardel Jazlyn ***SOLD 2006***

Lianna DM Tiffany***SOLD 2006***

Heavenly Rebekah***SOLD 2006***

Dandardel Debut'***SOLD 2006***

Dandardel Simba***SOLD 2006***

Dandardel Bennett***SOLD 2006***

Dandardel Precious Memories- ***SOLD 2005***

Dandardel Amanda -***SOLD 2005***

Dandardel Lacey - ***SOLD 2005***

Heavenly Leah ***SOLD 2005***

Dandardel Valeta***SOLD 2005***

Heavenly Gideon -***SOLD 2005***

Heavenly Abigail- ***SOLD 2005***

Heavenly Like A River Glorious -***SOLD 2005***

Heavenly Silver Lilly -***SOLD 2005***

Heavenly Hope From Above- ***SOLD 2005***

Dandardel Penelope***Sold 2005***

Dandardel Valeta***Sold 2005***

Dandardel Kate***Sold 2005***

Dandardel Byron***Sold 2005***

Lianna LS Tilly ***Sold 2005***

Heavenly Dinah***Sold 2005***

Heavenly Via Dolo-Rosa***Sold 2005***

Heavenly Timothy***Sold 2005***

Heavenly Song of Solomon***Sold 2005***

Dandardel Lamar***Sold 2004***

Dandardel Bridget***Sold 2004***

Dandardel Sparkler***Sold 2004***

Dandardel Percy***Sold 2004***

Heavenly On The Mark***Sold 2004***

Heavenly Adam Up***Sold 2004***

Heavenly Golden Glory ***Sold 2004***

Heavenly Sapphire ***Sold 2004***

Heavenly Isaiah***Sold 2004***

Dandardel Fergie ***Sold 2004***

Dandarel Biretta ***Sold 2004***

Dandardel Princess Diana ***Sold 2004***

Dandardel Madge ***Sold 2004***

Dandardel Lance- ***Sold 2004***

Dandardel Windfall-***Sold 2004***

*Menai Lisa May ***SOLD 2004***

Heavenly Angel ***Sold 2004***

Loafers Lodge Madeira ***Sold 2004***

Dandardel Tiffany***Sold 2004***

Dandardel Avalon***Sold 2004***

Dandardel Windfire***Sold 2004***

Heavenly Rachel***Sold 2004***

Heavenly Jabez ***Sold 2004***

Heavenly Isaac**SOLD 2004**

Dandardel Kansas Prairie**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Fay**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Windsong**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Tibet **SOLD 2003**

Dandardel My Fayvorite**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Avida**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Tulsa Icechip **SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Dustin**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Fay **SOLD 2003**

*Menai Silver Style**SOLD 2003**

Heavenly Het's Joyful Melody**SOLD 2003**

Heavenly Spectacle**SOLD 2003**

Heavenly Ruby**SOLD 2003**

Heavenly Savannah**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Cheyenne**SOLD 2003**

Heavenly Dinah**SOLD 2003**

Heavenly Gabrielle**SOLD 2003**

Heavenly Jacob**SOLD 2003**

Heavenly Chords of Joy**SOLD 2003**

Heavenly Micah**SOLD 2003**

Unnamed foal-(Farnley Tiber x Menai Silver Sasha) **SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Brass Monkey **SOLD 2003**

Rowfantina High Hopes**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Builder Bob**SOLD 2003**

Heavenly Christabel**SOLD 2003**

Heavenly Boaz**SOLD 2003**

Menai Silver Sasha **SOLD 2003**

Rowfantina Goldcrest -**SOLD 2003**

Shenandoah Lionheart- **SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Fayrocious -**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel George W -**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Erica-**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Goldstrike-**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Best of Vaynor-**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Benson**SOLD 2003**

Dandardel Playwright-**SOLD 2003**

Northwind Caprice**SOLD 2003**

Heavenly Angel **SOLD 2003**

Heavenly Zechariah**SOLD 2002**

Dandardel Sheila **SOLD 2002**

Heavenly Zion Revelee **SOLD 2002**

Heavenly Moriah**SOLD 2002**

Dandardel Madeline **SOLD 2002**

Dandardel Sherwood**SOLD 2002**

Dandardel Dom Perignon**SOLD 2002**

Dandardel Avril**SOLD 2002**

Dandardel Georgie Girl**SOLD 2002**

Dandardel Tulsa's Fayvorite**SOLD 2002**

Heavenly Spectacle **SOLD 2002**

Barkmeadow Golden Merlot**SOLD 2002**

Heavenly Daisy **SOLD 2002**

Heavenly Lydia **SOLD 2002**

Heavenly Silver Belle **SOLD 2002**

Dandardel Clark Kent **SOLD 2002**

*Youngs Fawn Memories **SOLD 2002**

Dandardel Sharon **SOLD 2002**

Pinehurst Madge Dolly **SOLD 2002**

Dandardel Marshall **SOLD 2002**

Dandardel Marcus **SOLD 2002**

Dandardel Sheba **SOLD 2001**

Dandardel Windchill**SOLD 2001**

Dandardel High on Bette**SOLD 2001**

Dandardel High Pride**SOLD 2001**

Dandardel Davin **SOLD 2001**

Dandardel Empire***SOLD***2001**

Dandardel Sherm***Raffle pony 2001***

Dandardel Mr. Remington ***SOLD***2001**

Dandardel Jasmine ***SOLD***2001**

Dandardel Lil' Darlin' ***SOLD***2001**

Dandardel Katelyn ***SOLD***2001**

Heavenly Memorable Eve ***SOLD***2001**

Dandardel Rose Delight ***SOLD***2001**

Dandardel Lucas ***SOLD***2001**

Heavenly Leap of Faith***SOLD***2001**

Liseter Blue Chip***SOLD***2001**

*Lianna L Z Delight***SOLD***2001**

Dandardel K Bonnie***SOLD***2001**

Spurgs K Jolene Kayla***SOLD***2001**

Heavenly Avatar ***SOLD***2001**

Unnamed colt ***SOLD***2001**

Heavenly Rose ***SOLD***2001**

Feathers Sun Lady ***SOLD***2001**

Sun Silver Lady ***SOLD***2001**

Dandardel Magic Moment***SOLD***2001**

*Bryson's Adonia***SOLD***2001**

Dandardel Madam Butterfly***SOLD***2001**

Dandardel Jazz on High***SOLD***2001**

Dandardel Babydoll***SOLD***2001**

Dandardel American Symphony ***SOLD***2000**

Dandardel Magic Wand 3 yr old mare ***SOLD***2000**

Dandardel Golden Dancer Two year old filly***SOLD***2000**

Dandardel Abby-(Menai Silver Buck x Dandardel Alis) Filly ***SOLD***2000**

Dandardel Kansas Buckaroo-(Menai Silver Buck x Dandardel Prarie Rose) Colt ***SOLD***2000**

Dandardel Dexter-(Rowfantina High Hopes x Dandardel Peri) Chestnut colt***SOLD***2000**

Dandardel Miss-(Menai Silver Buck x Dandardel Vee Georgette)-Chestnut filly ***SOLD***2000**

Dandardel Shaman-(Rowfantina High Hopes x Rowfantina Filigree)-Chestnut .***SOLD***2000**

Heavenly Zechariah-Foaled chestnut will turn grey colt***SOLD***2000**

Dandardel Fabulous Fay -Chestnut filly ***SOLD**2000**

Menai Rivana ***SOLD**2000**

Dandardel Peri Flower ***SOLD**2000**

Dandardel Show me the Silver- Chestnut colt born on 5-14-00***SOLD**2000**

Dandardel K Riva - Chestnut filly born on 4-15-00***SOLD**2000**

G.P. Kupid's Kaper- Sec B. 1993 Welsh Stallion ***SOLD***2000**

Dandardel Drew- Chestnut born colt on 4-14-1999***SOLD**1999**

Dandardel Betty Lou-Chestnut Filly born 06-28-1999***SOLD**1999***

Dandardel Silver Pride-Chestnut colt born on 8-17-1999***SOLD**1999**

Dandardel Stetson Splash - Chestnut stallion born on 07-20-98 ***SOLD**1999**

Dandardel La Feria King - Chestnut stallion born on 06-29-98***SOLD**1999**

Dandardel Golden Boy-Chestnut colt born on 4-17-1999 ***SOLD**1999**

Dandardel Kathleen-Chestnut filly born on 5-12-1999 ***SOLD**1999**

Dandardel Alicia-Chestnut filly born on 4-26-1999***SOLD**1999**

Dandardel Kansas Rose-Chestnut filly born on 4-24-1999 ***SOLD**1999**

Dandardel Jazlyn -Chestnut filly born on 5-5-1999 ***SOLD**1999*

Dandardel Barry - Chestnut stallion born on 04-25-98 ***SOLD**1999*

Dandardel Gold Tracy - Chestnut mare born on 05-12-98 ***SOLD**1999*

Dandardel Paula - Chestnut mare born on 05-8-98 ***SOLD**1999*

Dandardel Ringo Sheiffeld - Black roan stallion born on 04-22-97 ***SOLD**1999*

Dandardel Belle - Chestnut mare born on 05-16-97 ***SOLD**1999*

Dandardel Kernel's Magic Flair - Chestnut mare born on 04-27-97 ***SOLD**1999*

Dandardel Sonnet - Liver chestnut mare born on 06-05-96 ***SOLD**1999*

Dandardel Lyric - Chestnut stallion born on 07-25-98***SOLD**1999*

Dandardel Gold Tonya - Chestnut mare born on 04-28-1998 ***SOLD**1999*

Dandardel Janel Heula**SOLD**1999*

Dandardel K Jolene***SOLD**1999*

Crilban Heula's Flame***SOLD**1999*

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