Welsh Ponies are.....

The Heavenly Welsh Pony Farm L.L.C.

Shari Beecher has been around horses and ponies since she was nine years old. In her adult life, she managed a horse-drawn carriage service in Columbus, Ohio. At the carriage service, Shari worked with draft horses. Sixteen horses were worked with on a daily basis. Then she met Kurt.

Shari and Kurt decided to marry and move to Oklahoma. A year and a half later, Kurt and Shari started a horse drawn carriage company named Heartland Carriage. The company was started with two rather large Belgians named Buster and Billy. Unfortunately, Buster and Billy ended up too green to be put out on the street. So the search was on to find street safe horses.

In Kansas, Shari and Kurt met Dan and his two Welsh ponies Dandardel Julie and Holts Dancing Betsy. Dan used Betsy and Julie for his carriage service in Oxford, Kansas for the last nine years. Upon the decision to retire, Dan decided to sell off the carriages and horses. The Beecher's acquired a team of Welsh ponies, but not before promising Dan that Betsy and Julie would be spoiled rotten. (That was the first time I saw a grown man cry over ponies!)

After using Betsy and Julie a few months and seeing how smart they were with their cute personalities, Kurt and Shari decided to find out who had bred these mares and their background. The ponies had been bred by J.D. Orear and John Holtmyer. Visiting with both of J.D. and John, Shari and Kurt were amazed at the breed's history and versatility. With this information, Shari and Kurt made their decision to breed Welsh ponies.

The Beecher's believe that Betsy and Julie didn't end up on their farm by luck, they believe that God himself had placed these two mares in their care. Kurt and Shari are sure that they are Heavenly creatures. That is why they registered the Heavenly prefix with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society in 1999, and started the HeavenlyPony website. And everything after that is in God's hands and will always be. :)


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