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Farnley Kernel

June 1, 1981-March 23, 2000

2002 Sire Legion of Merit award winner

A Champion, A Legend, A Friend

Farnley Kernel passed away Thursday March 23, 2000 in Emporia, Kansas. His home since he was purchased from Mrs. Joan Dunning in October 1981. He was a Five time champion and sired many show winners. He ribboned in Harness and in halter and excelled in all. He was also known for his outstanding disposition. Farnley Kernel was also a long time friend to the Orear family and a true asset to the Dandardel breeding program. His mark on the Welsh Pony world will be felt for many years to come. We will miss this long time friend.

WPCSA registration number

Grand Champion Section A Stallion TSF 1982, 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989

Farnley Farisee A-7368
Farnley Sunglass A-14125
Farnley Sunglow A-2702
Farnley Pellinore A-26220
Coed Coch Brenin Arthur (2519)
Farnley Fay A-5860
(10139) Bowdler Brownie A-4942
Cui Spark (1818)
Farnley Conqueror A-1442 (2023)
(9689) Cui Flash A-1430
Farnley Ceres A-4725
Farnley Sirius A-1147 (1646)
Farnley Sunshower A-1441
(9501) Farnley Sunshade A-1220


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