Welsh Ponies are.....

*Coed Coch Pernod

WPCSA registration number

Coed Coch Madog
Coed Coch Salsbri (2749)
Coed Coch Siaradus
Coed Coch Bari (10584)
Coed Coch Glyndwr
Coed Coch Swyn (12134)
Coed Coch Siwan
Coed Coch Madog
Coed Coch Brenin Arthur (2519)
Snowdon Arian II
Coed Coch Peri (13579)
Coed Coch Madog
Coed Coch Pelydrog (10609)
Coed Coch Peydferth

Foals by Coed Coch Pernod


1982 colt Tri-Ef Cognac (out of Aquila Curlew)

1984 filly Rowfantina Orphelia (out of Rowfantina Onette )

1985 colt Rowfantina Collage (out of Rowfantina Serendipity)

1986 filly Rowfantina Limited Edition (out of Tamerack Lena)

1986 colt Rowfantina Gold Coin (out of Rowfantina Onette )

1987 filly Rowfantina Sunflower (out of Rowfantina Serendipity)

1987 colt Rowfantina Gold Sovereign (out of Rowfantina Onette )

1988 filly Dandardel Oddyssey (out of Rowfantina Odette)

1988 filly Rowfantina Old Fashoned (out of Rowfantina Onette )

1988 colt Rowfantina Grenadier (out of Rowfantina Serendipity)

1989 filly Dandardel Terri (out of Dandardel Tammie)

1989 colt Rowfantina Ambassador (out of Rowfantina Onette )

1989 filly Dandardel Peri (out of Dandardel Kay )

1991 colt Gay Pat Stormy (out of Dandardel Tammie)

1992 filly Cot'n'wd Cameo (out of Howard's Jill)

1992 colt Cot'n'wd Drambuie (out of Alra Dana Gay)

1993 filly Dandardel Peri Flower (out of Dandardel Vee Tango )

1993 colt Vintage Forestar (out of Liseter Flirtation )

1993 colt Rowfantina Optimist (out of Dandardel Onette )

1993 colt Dandardel Pernod (out of Dandardel Onette )

1994 colt Cot'n'wd Cointreau (out of Alra Dana Gay)

1995 filly Allegany Wildflowers (out of Rowfantina Odette)

1996 filly Rowfantina Orchidaceous (out of Dandardel Onette )

1996 colt Glencoe Prelude (out of Liseter Sing Song)

1996 filly Rowfantina Simply Sarah (out of Rowfantina Serendipity)

1998 colt Elite Incahoots (out of Elite Easter Lily)

1998 filly Barkmeadow Special Edition (out of Rowfantina Olwen )

1999 colt Barkmeadow Golden Merlot (out of Rowfantina Olwen )



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